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PerfectSmileClub makes the world a smiling place.
We straighten and brighten most smiles gently, remotely,
and in an average of 6 months for quick, clear confidence.
We support oral care projects around the world by
The Humble Smile Foundation.

How Perfect Smile works?

Easy like one, two, three

Perfect impressions.

Either book a 3-D scan or buy our modelling kit and our dental professionals will design your treatment for perfect straight and bright teeth. (£89 VALUE)

Get it straight!

Then we send convenient deliveries of invisible caps and premium whitening directly to your door. Specially selected dentists and our app will monitor your progress.

Smiles are forever.

After you complete your smile journey, you can order retainers to help you mantain the smile you love for only £89 a set. You can re-order these retainers anytime.

Make the world a smiling place.


We offer two treatments, Lite and Full, they differ by duration.
Make your impressions and we let you know which one you need.
Either way it's 65% less expensive than other brands. With every
purchase we donate a Humble Brush and fund oral care projects.


  • — 3 Months
  • — Invisible caps shipped to you
  • — Premium teeth whitening
  • — Free retainers



  • — Max year
  • — Invisible caps shipped to you
  • — Premium teeth whitening
  • — Free retainers



Premium ClearCaps that straighten your teeth with comfort and precision

the advantages

ClearCaps are nearly invisible, comfortable and removable.

Ready. Set. Smile.

Take the free online assessment to see if you are
a candidate and get started on your smile journey.

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